The One-Person Product

Today I read a great article written by Marco Arment who was the second employee at Tumblr then left to found Instapaper. Read the article here, it is brilliant.

What I love about David’s story is his stubbornness to focus on product over profits, for a long time. This is a common trait of the best entreprnuers. Founders like Steve Jobs, David Karp and Jeff Bezos think long term and strive for product perfection before profits.  It takes balls and belief to keep your investors, employees and financial stakeholders at bay, even if you have 100m users on your platform.

What is great about the acquisition is that David can now keep doing what he loves. This is the dream of any product focussed entrepreneur  Let someone else worry about the business so you can focus on product. He can keep making great product. He can leave the boring stuff to the leadership team at Yahoo. He can forget about making money as he’s made enough for himself and the original investors. He can leave that stuff up to Yahoo to figure out, if he lets them.

Well played David.