BuyReply Tech23 Pitch

Last month I presented BuyReply (now ShopReply) at Tech23. Tech23 is a prestigious Australian startup event that is attended by the Australian startup community, investors and entrepreneurs. There are 23 startups selected from 150 applicants contesting for three awards and a number of other prizes.

This was the first pitch event I’d ever done so it was quite a challenge to sum up what ShopReply does in 5 minutes and present it in a simple and understandable manor. We ended up doing quite well and won four prizes including:

  • The “Peoples Choice” award – A nice shiny trophy and a Google Nexus 7
  • The Google encouragement prize – Lunch and mentoring session at Google Sydney
  • The PayPal creating opportunity together award – $5,000 cash
  • MYOB Online Innovation for Small Business Award - Two years free MYOB Premium Developer Partnership and marketing campaign (up to $5k in value) to MYOB’s 1 million+ SME customer base
Below is a video of my Tech 23 pitch:

BuyReply text-to-buy

A couple of weeks ago we announced our text-to-buy feature. I believe text-to-buy is our most powerful feature yet as it allows anyone to buy anything from any medium without requiring an app download. Every single mobile phone has text messaging so when you use BuyReply text-to-buy, your addressable market is 100% of mobile phone users.

Our split tests between ‘app based’ call-to-actions such as QR codes and BuyReply call-to-actions that require an email or text has seen 25 x higher engagement using our ‘no app’ technology.

Text-to-buy is most powerful when used on TV, however it is also very effective print (newspapers, catalogues and magazines), outdoor advertising and wherever else you might want to sell within your ads.

Click over to the BuyReply blog to read more about text-to-buy!

Selling to your Twitter audience via BuyReply

One of the most powerful features of BuyReply is the ability to sell to your Twitter followers within the stream, or from the stream. This feature of BuyReply allows you to monetizes your Twitter following at a transactional level. There are two ways that you can monetize your audience using BuyReply.

Top down (retweet to buy / micro-cart link):
Sell to your Twitter audience within the stream by promoting a re-tweet to buy call-to-action:


Bottom up (tweet to buy):
Enable Twitter users to transact by sending a tweet containing your twitter handle and a BuyReply short code:

BuyReply manages your product inventory and handles the checkout process of any sales that originate from your tweet to buy or retweet to buy Twitter.

In this blog you’ll learn how to sell via Twitter using BuyReply. If you don’t have a BuyReply account you can request to sign up to our $0 plan and we won’t charge you unless you make a sale. You can migrate plans at any time.

Meet BuyReply

Over the last year I’ve been working with my team to develop a new eCommerce, marketing and transactional platform called BuyReply.

We’ve been deliberately vague and haven’t given much away about the concept however today I get to spill the beans… exciting times.

BuyReply is an idea I had last year which was born from the frustration of being an online retailer and realising that people spend most of their time in the real-world rather than in front of their computers. Whilst eCommerce is great, the reality is that only a fraction of consumers buy via eCommerce.

In reality our smartphone enabled population is spending less time in front of their computers as their mobile devices are now more powerful and capable than ever before. Traditional eCommerce only represents a fraction of overall commerce, around 6% in the US and 4-5% in Australia.

This realisation has led me to believe that one of the largest opportunities which exists in business today is the opportunity to bridge the online and offline worlds of commerce by unlocking revenue from exiting and engaged audiences in the offline world. This is the trend that Groupon rode and they became the fastest growing business in history. This means using eCommerce technologies ‘outside of the browser’ by selling to large and engaged smartphone enabled audiences such as TV audiences, magazine subscribers, newspaper subscribers, radio listeners, live audiences and more.

The platform we are announcing today is designed to to exactly this. We’ve created a new paradigm of eCommerce, one that is totally different to the traditional browser based “” model.

We’ve built an innovative and novel transactional platform that enables anyone to buy a product from any medium without requiring an app. All you need to do to buy is send a one word email or tweet and that starts a transaction. If you have a BuyReply wallet your payment becomes a one-click payment via text message. You can see some examples here. Advertisers can add a transaction point to any advertisement by simply displaying a call-to-action on a printed page, television screen, billboard, scoreboard or even sky writing!

Yes… you could sell from the sky with BuyReply… as long as you can afford the jet fuel!

BuyReply is easy to use and simple to understand but the ways in which it can be used in commerce are practically unlimited – and the ability to buy and sell using Twitter adds an awesome social dynamic to your advertising campaigns. You can learn how it works here.

I’d like to thank the readers of this blog and those who have been interested enough to keep in touch as the journey of BuyReply has unfolded. What you see today is the tip of the iceberg. We have an incredible amount of product roadmap to build and we are hard at work on this already. This is day zero of an incredibly exciting journey that we believe has the potential to disrupt the way that media is consumed on a global basis.

Our platform can span currencies and countries and we can’t wait to see how you use it.

We already have some amazing global brands signed up. Last week BuyReply was used by Sportsgirl and Oroton at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney to sell the latest looks directly off the runway. We will be announcing some more innovative use cases over the upcoming days and weeks that will show you some of the great ways that this flexible yet powerful platform can be used.

Please read our BuyReply welcome blog to learn more!



P.S. We are launching on an invitation only basis so sign up here.